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Walter Gross & Tenshun LIVE!




Master of deconstruction and reappropriation, Walter Gross’ no-rules approach to freak-noise experimentation has led to collaborations with artists such as K-the-I???, Skrapez (Tenshun & Psychopop) and Sole (Anticon co-founder, Fake Four Inc) as well as 2 European/UK tours. Nowadays, oozing from the cracks of his claustrophobic sound lab, Walter Gross bleeds percussive mayhem and grungy vocals; his constant reinvention informed by a chequered history of debilitating aural impairment, cinemania, and relentless ambition. Gross presents a slice of Baltimore’s psych scene through a mosaic of work that is systematically re-constructed, broken down and reassembled with an affronting intensity that will bend your ears and your mind. Gross has shared the stage with the likes of Sole, K-the-i???, Open Mike Eagle, Danny Brown, Spoek Mathambo, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Moodie Black, Skrapez, These Are Powers to name a few…




Tenshun’s (real name Jon Calzo) is an eclectic turntable/electronic music artist and beat maker from San Diego CA, head of Skrapez label and part of the Creatures and Kilowattz crews.
In recent years, he has performed concerts in Los Angeles, San Diego and all over Europe backing up Gonjasufi. Calzo is also a member of an electronic music duo called Skrapez who released numerous recordings on their own label and the group Obscuricon. For the past two years, Calzo has been blurring the lines of musical genres with his extensively wide range of influences, mixing his own music with hip-hop, funk, polish jazz and scratch-dub. A very brief list of his influences include David Tudor, John Cage, The Executioners and QBert.


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